G7 in France

Who’s the major player in this week’s G7 meeting in Biarritz? Will Macron’s environmental agenda come more to the forefront in light of the Amazonian fires? Will France also be instrumental in other questions such as the best approach to the Iranian nuclear deal and trade wars with China? Does French media give you any additional insights to how to interpret the crazy world we live in, including what might be happening behind the scenes in Biarritz? And if this is something you like to learn and discuss in French, can we at FrenchRev help you? Don’t be afraid to ask!

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  1. LeMonde (and the Guardian and der Spiegel) definitely give different and necessary perspectives to both international and US events. I love talking politics in French class. but it can be hard on the non-liberals when most of us are quite liberal. I have wondered if it would be good if we set up discussions more like a debate, where people choose and/or are assigned one side or the other.

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