With many years of French teaching among us three teachers, we appreciate when our students freely share about their experiences learning with us.


What Our Students Say

I enrolled in Sabrina’s Beginning French class in 2017. After only a few introductory sentences in English (for example “there is no textbook”), and even though the class was presented in almost 100% French, we were immediately off to the races. Sabrina’s kindness, patience, and ability to pilot the class through a series of immersive, nonsensical yet simple and relatable improvised stories made me relax straight away, made me laugh out loud over and over, and most important, made me believe that acquiring French was within my grasp. Naturally I kept coming back for more.
Three years into the “FrenchRev experience,” I’ve come to understand that the reason I can actually express myself in French, verbally no less, is that I wasn’t “thinking” about (i.e. judging) the learning process. Instead I just participated wherever Sabrina & Co. took me and allowed the language to wash over me, in the moment as it were.

Merci tout le monde !!

Linda M

Intermediate French

“Always entertaining and a great hour…. great distraction from stress! They should take the class! My friend Marianna is [also] taking [the advanced Autour de l’apéro class] and has enjoyed it.”

Lisa Ernest

Advanced French

“ It’s the perfect combination of engaging conversation, interesting cultural points, and a beautiful open-mindedness that helped me to improve my listening skills and continue to hone my speaking skills! It was excellent!”

Marianna Di Meo

Advanced French

I have been taking an intermediate class from French Rev for two years and am very happy with the class and my progress in French. It is always a highlight of my week: the teachers are brilliant and full of joie de vivre, and this makes learning fun.

A wise person once said,” In Paris, no one speaks intermediate French.” However, after French Rev, on my trip to France last year it turns out they do!

Rick A.

Intermediate French  

I have always wanted to learn to speak French, and after a few failed attempts, I finally found FrenchRev.  After just a few classes I have started thinking and speaking in French.  Their natural teaching approach makes it feel effortless and easy to learn.
Their classes are un-intimidating and hilarious.  I can tell that the teachers really want me to learn.  I love the passion and variety they bring to each class.  I am a language 
teacher myself and I couldn’t recommend French Rev enough.

Lisa P.

Intermediate French  

World class teachers, always positive and enthusiastic and encouraging. The class embodies a wide variety of learning tools, no one class is the same week to week.

Julia Cepulis

Intermediate French