CdC/C: Competence develops through Coping with Communication

This [intuition] was that the development of competence in a second language requires not systematization of language inputs or maximization of planned practice, but rather the creation of conditions in which learners engage in an effort to cope with communication. Prabhu, N.S. (1987). Second Language Pedagogy. Oxford, England: OUP. (p.1)

Another NYTimes article on language learning

I usually get a lot of insights from articles on language learning, and this one (called “The Beauty of Being Bilingual,”) on growing up bilingual in Florida was no exception. Anyone who has spoken a language other than English in public in the US can probably identify with at least some of the sentiment ….  Read More

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G7 in France

Who’s the major player in this week’s G7 meeting in Biarritz? Will Macron’s environmental agenda come more to the forefront in light of the Amazonian fires? Will France also be instrumental in other questions such as the best approach to the Iranian nuclear deal and trade wars with China? Does French media give you any ….  Read More

Bonjour tout le monde!

We are gearing up for Fall 2019, when we will continue from where we began with intermediate-level adult courses on Tuesday evenings in Boulder. We are still working on our first beginner course. Please come back to to find out more about that.