Sabrina Sebban-Janczak

Elisabeth Denizot


Mark Knowles has been in the language learning enterprise for 35 years or more. He taught English in France and Luxembourg and French in various places in the Midwest, Oregon, and here in Colorado.  He also has a technology, computer-assisted language learning side to his C.V. and was director at CU-Boulder’s ALTEC for 10 years, and Assistant Director of Yale’s Center for Language Study for five.

Who we are 

Would you like to experience a non-pedantic, immersive way to learn French that is comprehensible and taught by native speakers with empathy and enthusiasm? Ce sont les plus grandes, les plus brilliantes, les plus comiques, les plus superlatives professors qui soient!  

We just heard the most rewarding compliment from one of our regular returning students. Not only is that student learning French, but our courses are healing them from many years of punishing and counter-productive language lessons. If you are ready to heal and to learn lots of French, you’ve come to the right place.

We operate on the demonstrable propositions that language is abstract, complex, and implicit and the process of acquisition requires comprehensible input in communicative situations. Explicit instruction of the “old rules” is either ineffective or, worse, something wasteful and from which one needs to be healed. Those old rules correspond to no psychological reality of language as modern linguistics has now made clear (Chomsky’s dissertation on Universal Grammar has now been around for over 60 years). We at FrenchRev create the basis for acquisition through near total immersion with age-appropriate and level-appropriate interaction. Sabrina’s and Elisabeth’s web of engaging meaning gently challenges without drowning you in a senseless stream of sound. Come join the fun and put your French-learning chops into gear! 



  • Video podcasts* on the full 72 episodes of Un Village Français
  • Video podcasts* on American politics
  • Table Ronde podcasts*
  • Possible linguistic tours of various francophone regions, including Canada, and, of course, Paris and France
  •  Currently comtemplating a mixed e-commerce plan for distribution
  • Educational books (or Readers) designed for novice level through intermediate-mid or intermediate-high, some with compelling content that perhaps even native speakers will find enjoyable to read
* all podcasts will be in level-appropriate French
We are a small group of committed and ambitious professional educators with only so much disposal income and leisure time on our hands. We trust in your patience and moral support as we progress towards each of these challenging goals