We are a small group of professional educators who trust in our students and in the power of the unconscious, natural processes working in the human mind that help us construct language over time.

We operate on the demonstrable propositions that language is abstract, complex, and implicit and that a primary ingredient in acquisition is comprehensible input borne out of communicative situations. Explicit instruction of the “old rules” is either ineffective or, worse, something wasteful and from which one needs to be healed. Modern linguistics (Chomsky’s dissertation on Universal Grammar has now been around for over 60 years) has made clear that those old rules correspond to no psychological reality of language.

We at FrenchRev create the basis for acquisition through near total immersion with age-appropriate and level-appropriate interaction. Sabrina’s and Elisabeth’s web of engaging meaning gently challenges without drowning learners in a senseless stream of sound. Come join the fun and put your French-learning chops into gear!



Our Class Options

Beginning French

14 week semester

14 weeks worth of quality French language instructions

Intermediate French Class

14 week semester

Pick up where you left off with beginning French. You will be pleasantly surprised by the progress you and you classmates make in this level.
It is a virtual conversational course appropriate for this level.

Private Classes
(AP/IB & Tutoring)

Online & Customizeable 

Under consideration at this time. The main decision factor will be based on interest level. Please contact FrenchRev if you are interested.


Why Learn With Us?



FrenchRev professional educators have more than 50 combined years of experience.


Thousands of graduates

Our three educators have taught thousands of students over the years


Use of technology

FrenchRev leverages the most modern technologies in language teaching and learning.


Teaching approaches

FrenchRev embraces research-based language teaching and learning approaches.

FrenchRev educators are the best and go out of their way to help me learn French.

Steve Roe (Beginning French)

Just the best !

Euphrasie (Intermediate French)


FrenchRev Difference

Easy Enrollment

With no paperwork nor bureaucratic processes, FrenchRev gets you enrolled (or you self-enroll) in no time.

Cultural Competency

FrenchRev educators do believe in importance of cultural competency and immersion. In fact, in normal times they lead trips to France for the lucky ones who joins these amazing immersion trips.

Affordable rates & Value

Language learning does not have to cost a lot to be valuable. With some basic college French courses setting you back several hundreds of dollars, FrenchRev offers you highly qualified educators at rates that are easy on your wallet.

Enroll Today!

Our classes are a few weeks away from starting. Make sure you take advantage of the best rate possible. The tuition will go up as we get close to the semester start

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