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Let’s get down to the brass tacks. French and other world languages stick out like sore thumbs in the traditional line up of school subjects. That’s because language does not lend itself well to analysis and acquisition simultaneously.  Too often in American classrooms, analysis means grammatical and linguistic analysis, which deteriorates into boredom and drudgery. Languages not only resist being acquired by talking about themselves (or being talked about by pedantic spokespeople), most often, talking about languages is the place where they go to die. Languages flourish in a place for the wild and the free known as the communicative event. That’s where the need for comprehension is all-encompassing. 

As early as the 1960’s, Leonard Newmark was telling us that language was stoked on the fuel of comprehension. 

For those who are into quotes, here’s one you can hang your hat on: “To the extent that the learner is able to attach linguistic meanings to linguistic inputs, to that extent he [sic] is able to learn the language (Newmark, 1981, p. 37).”

FrenchRev’s two master teachers, Élisabeth Denizot and Sabrina Sebban Janczak, engineer the classroom experience using meaningful and compelling comprehensible input. Our students are the holders of a well-kept and important secret language learning hack: come to FrenchRev to amuse yourself (you will), and you will walk away with a greater proficiency and love for French.

In short, FrenchRev facilitates French acquisition with an empirically informed, playful approach. Designed as an engaging, learning-centered experience, our teaching style fosters spontaneous and real communication, instills curiosity, and builds relationships. 

If this speaks to the way you want to acquire a language, sign up!  And bienvenue à FrenchRev !

Newmark, L. (1981). Participatory observation: How to succeed in language learning. In H. Winitz (Ed.), The Comprehension Approach to Foreign Language Instruction (pp. 34-48). Rowley, MA: Newbury House.


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We carry out our mission by providing as much of a non-pedantic, immersive experience that we know how. We have extensively trained ourselves in techniques for making all language input comprehensible.  Are you ready to be taught by confident, native speakers with empathy and enthusiasm? Ce sont les plus grandes, les plus brilliantes, les plus comiques, les plus superlatives professeurs qui soient.

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We are currently offering beginner and intermediate levels

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FrenchRev is a French language acquisiton school for adults, NOT a certificate or degree program

Learning resources

We are constantly working on resources you can use to learn French. We encourage you to check out our Youtube channel first and foremost.


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Elisabeth Denizot

Elisabeth Denizot

FrenchRev French Teacher

Elisabeth hails from Dijon, France. She moved to Colorado in 2001 where she has been teaching French in the Public School System. She radically changed the way she teaches when she met Sabrina. Since then, she has been passionate about Teaching with Comprehensible Input, respecting the way our brains naturally acquire languages.

She shares her enthusiasm with Mark and Sabrina as the three of them relentlessly seek new ways to engage all students. She can’t wait to have you join in the fun of their classes!.



FrenchRev professional educators have more than 50 combined years of experience.


Thousands of graduates

Our three educators have taught thousands of students over the years


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FrenchRev leverages the most modern technologies in language teaching and learning.


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FrenchRev embraces research-based language teaching and learning approaches.

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