Our French Language Classes

FrenchRev provides different levels of French language: From green beginners to French teachers who want to improve their craft by learning from the experts


Our Class Options

Beginning French

14 week classes

We are offering an “advanced” beginners course for those who have laced up their boots, taken their first steps, liked what they saw and felt, and are confident that the exploration of this thing called French has a lot of promise (they are correct, of course).  We will concentrate on story asking, story telling, community-building, and an abundance of comprehensible interaction. Advanced beginner content and speed will be pitched at an appropriate level for advanced beginners.

Intermediate French Class

14 week classes

Pick up where you left off with beginning French. You will be pleasantly surprised by the progress you and you classmates make in this level.
It is a virtual conversational course appropriate for this level. 

Intermediate students are immersed in new ways of exploring compelling content pitched at an intermediate level. The emphasis is on a wider exploration of the French-speaking world without neglecting the conviviality and community-building of our beginner classes.

If you are one of the veterans of FrenchRev, that's another way to know you belong in our intermediate level.

If you are a newcomer to FrenchRev who is interested in improving listening comprehension and communication and are confident you can jump in with our current intermediate group, there should be no problem (you may contact us at FrnRev@gmail.com to confirm). 

Private Classes
(AP/IB & Tutoring)

Online Self Paced

Under consideration at this time. The factor will be based on interest level. Please contact FrenchRev if you are interested.


Class Formats


14 week long semester

We will take a break for Thanksgiving time. Otherwise plan on having fun during each and every session.


Always with three educators

With individual niche roles, these experienced educators cover more than half of a century among them.


1.5 hours per session

For your full class value, we cover a lot of material each session interspersed with short brain breaks to keep your energy. 


Comprehensible-Input (CI) - driven class

FrenchRev embraces empirically-validated learning appoaches.


What Our Students Say

FrenchRev educators are the best and go out of their way to help me learn French.

Steve Roe

Beginning French

Just the best


Intermediate French

Enroll Today!

These classes fill up fast. If not sure yet which level you should enroll in, try our placement tool or just call us for a casual evaluation. Plus, you can swap class level any time during the semester.

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