Autour de l’Apéro 
6 sessions of 60 min

april 18 – may 23, 2023

Classe de Conversation (Advanced) –                        $197 


Level - Advanced "l'art de la conversation autour d'un apéro"; 100% in French

Come join our friendly French facilitators for a relaxed conversation hour with fascinating classmates. Different topics each week. Contact us at frnrev@gmail.com if you’d like our link for one free trial class!

Begins Tuesday, April 18 : 6.35 pm Mountain Time - 7:35pm Mountain DaylightSavings Time

Immerse yourself in fun, conversations (advanced) French that will make you want to give up your favorite Tuesday night sitcom.

Now online for your convenience!

All our fall 10-week session classes will be synchronous online with some recorded material for the enrolled students along with our famous podcasts.

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