Our mission is to facilitate the acquisition of the French language with a playful approach – empirically informed. Designed as an engaging, human-centered experience, our creative, soulful style fosters spontaneous and organic communication, instills curiosity and builds relationships. 


We see our approach as a way to engage all learners and to heal the trauma of traditional “French classroom learning” by creating a relaxed environment where learners can acquire at their own pace and be themselves. We seek an embodied understanding that language is an empty abstraction if it is not used to deepen our relationships and enable us to not only survive, but thrive.


We carry out our mission by providing as much of a non-pedantic, immersive experience that we know how. We have extensively trained ourselves in techniques for making all language input comprehensible.  Are you ready to be taught by confident, native speakers with empathy and enthusiasm? Ce sont les plus grandes, les plus brilliantes, les plus comiques, les plus superlatives professors qui soient!  

We have been humbled by a most rewarding compliment from one of our regular returning students. Not only is that student learning French, but our courses are healing them from many years of punishing and counter-productive language lessons. If you are ready to heal and to learn lots of French, you’ve come to the right place 

We operate on the demonstrable propositions that language is abstract, complex, and implicit and the process of acquisition requires comprehensible input in communicative situations.



Sabrina Sebban-Janczak


Elisabeth Denizot

Future Plans

  • Video podcasts* on many episodes of Un Village Français
  • YouTube podcasts (https://www.youtube.com/c/FrenchRevTV)
  • Table Ronde podcasts*
  • Possible linguistic tours of various francophone regions, including Canada, and, of course, Paris and France when that day is again possible
  • Educational books (or Readers) designed for novice level through intermediate-mid or intermediate-high, some with compelling content that perhaps even native speakers will find enjoyable to read


 * all podcasts will be in level-appropriate French